Rent a Car in Andros, Gavrio Port

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Rent a Car in Andros, Gavrio Port

Andros is the 2nd biggest island in the Cyclades, just 2 hours by ferry from the port of Rafina!

In the port of Gavrio there are rooms-to-let, hotels and tavernas. Driving from Gavrio to Batsi you will discover the beautiful organized beach of ‘Aghios Petros,’ where you can enjoy windsurfing. Continuing south-east you will encounter another beach, organized and sheltered from the wind (Golden Sand/Chryssi Ammos). On your left hand side, a picturesque monastery awaits you to visit.

Arriving at Batsi you will admire the beautiful Cycladic landscape with hotels, rooms-to-let and restaurants with a view to the sea. Continuing on, you will pass 2 villages, Aprovatou and Palaiopoli.

In Palaiopoli, you may visit the archaeological museum with important findings and – from the top of the hill – view the ancient peer submerged in the blue waters. Driving on towards the Andros town (Chora), you will pass many picturesque villages such as Pitrofos and Vakoni. Turning left at Vakoni, you will arrive at the village of Menites where you can admire the crystal clear water coming out of the local springs. You can take a break and try the local Andros specialties accompanied by a glass of local wine.

The main town (Chora) is undoubtedly the most beautiful and regal settlement on the island. The monasteries, typical island houses, small alleyways, museums and beaches will steal your heart. You may visit the archaeological museum housing the statue of Hermes of Andros, the museum of Modern Art, the Nautical museum, etc. You may also visit the Venetian castle built on the small islet connected to the mainland via a stone bridge, built in the 13th century by Marinos Dandalos. A statue dedicated to the unknown sailor stands guard in the square overlooking the sea.

On the south part of the island the main settlement is Korthi, a quiet village where you may savor unique local delicacies right by the water.

The best organized beaches are in Aghios Petros, Chryssi Ammos, Kypri, Batsi, Neimborio, Piso Yialia, Vitali and Zorko. The best isolated beaches with crystal blue waters are located on the north of the island and are accessible only by 4×4 or by boat.

Andros is the greenest Cyclades island and is famous for its natural springs. The most well known spring is Sariza in the village of Apoikia.

We would like to wish you Happy Holidays and we are always at your service!

Rent a Car in Andros, Gavrio Port Rent a Car in Andros, Gavrio Port Rent a Car in Andros, Gavrio Port Rent a Car in Andros, Gavrio Port

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